Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nothing New

It seems that we have saturated the blog with enough information for people to question and inform themselves on the realities of Covenant Community Life. I will continue to post comments but will, in all likelihood, not post any new articles unless I encounter something interesting in the media.

Thanks for reading! Send your friends here. Send covenant community members here. Enjoy your freedom!

In Christ,

Lisa A.


Nick said...

You may want to check out Julia Duin's book "Days of Fire and Glory" (2009), which touches upon the history of Word of God and Sword of the Spirit.

lisa a. said...

Thank you, Nick. I will.


Gary said...

Lisa A.
Come and see, don't take your information second hand to make judgements.
Gary F

John Flaherty said...

Thanks for your work. As for Gary's comment, I would like to invite him to my website where he can come and read what those of us who poured our lives into these communities got out of it.

I am posting a document this morning entitled "An Overview of the History & Problems of the Sword of the Spirit Covenant Community 1977-91." It can be found here:

John Flaherty
Grand Island, NE

Anonymous said...

What do you, people of the community, think about this last movie "Camp Hope"? .. I mean, do you feel identified or touched by the acting and represantation?

rmills said...

You really do need to come and see. You are truly misled.